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Safer Roads for Users

Start date: May 22, 2013, End date: Jul 21, 2015,

The main objective of the Project is to eliminate border effect expressed with difference in road accident risks for road users in EU and RF sides of Barents Region. Harmonisation of principles and instruments to manage accident risk for users, caused by factor "Road and its surrounding" is expected to be able harmonise road conditions both sides of the border, improve fluency of road transport fl ...
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Reconstruction of the road Kandalaksha-Alakurtti-Salla checkpoint

Start date: Jun 26, 2012, End date: Dec 25, 2014,

The project reconstructs the section 100-130km of the road Salla-Alakurtti. The road is a cross-border route between Russian Federation and the European Union Achievements: The project has reconstructed a 30 km road section between Salla in Finland and Kandalaksha in Ru ...
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