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Dezvoltare profesională prin conectare europeană

Start date: 01 Jun 2015, End date: 31 May 2017,

Due to lack of student motivation for learning, ineffective and insufficient integration of pupils with SEN, difficulties of integrating children returned home from other European educational systems, teachers insufficient knowledge and use of strategies focusing on training skills for the students and use of ICT in teaching-learning-assessment as well as lack of connection to European education, ...
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De school met een toekomstgericht ICT en talen beleid

Start date: 01 Dec 2014, End date: 30 Nov 2016,

This project is brought about after a thorough analysis by our various working groups of our shortcomings and work items within the school curriculum . Plans and ideas for improvement were listed with regard to language policy , methodology , parental activity , ICT policy, Special needs and professional development of the staff. The school choose to create a strong e-learning environment to suppo ...
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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016,

Project title: 'We Don’t Want To Be A Stereotype?' A range of topics will explore the concept and idea of stereotyping and citizenship. Topics will explore what we think we know about others and their country. • Who are they? • What do they do in their free time? • What do their families do in their community? • What games do they play? • What food do they eat? • What local stories do they know? T ...
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