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Dezvoltare profesională prin conectare europeană
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Due to lack of student motivation for learning, ineffective and insufficient integration of pupils with SEN, difficulties of integrating children returned home from other European educational systems, teachers insufficient knowledge and use of strategies focusing on training skills for the students and use of ICT in teaching-learning-assessment as well as lack of connection to European education, Santana Technology High School Teachers Council is determined to run a European project for teacher training. The project will run over a period of 24 months and has the following objectives: -increasing students' motivation for learning by diversifying the CDS offer, providing each level of schooling with 2 cross curricular optional subjects ; - acquire new modern European strategies of training skills to students through direct participation in 16 European training mobility and experience multiplication for all teachers in our institution; Integration of children with SEN, those returning from abroad and also the institutionalized ones in our school system, at least 90% of them promoting class; -acquire ICT skills through job shadowing and participation in European training resulting in ICT use at least 20% of teaching; - school initiation of at least two European educational projects over the next two years. 16 teachers will participate, being both available to organize educational activities with institutionalized children with SEN and eager to share their gained experience, in return, speaking European languages specific for the training activities in which they participate. Activities Description: --identify partners in order to provide structured training to meet the training needs of our teaching staff; -communication with the project partners in order to prepare specific training plans; -select beneficiaries, 2 from each educational level in our institution (pre-primary, primary, secondary) for job-shadowing, respectively structured training; -complete learning contracts with beneficiaries and sign agreements with host institutions; - training courses; - take part in job-shadowing activities; - use of new methods and techniques acquired by teachers participating in mobility; -dissemination of best practices learned in mobility activities within departments and committees of each curricular area for all the institution levels; -use of acquired knowledge by both school committee members and departments; -evaluate the impact of applying new methods in school committees and departments; - elaborate a book entitled "Collection of best European teaching practices"; -set up a network of European education; -dissemination; - all project activities monitor, final evaluation and report Methodology: Teachers formation in prestigious European institutions will include both further theoretical training by attending specialized training structures and job shadowing activities of the host school teaching, followed by both current use of knowledge, skills and abilities acquired and multiplication of the experience at different levels (department and teaching circle and at county level in collaboration with CCD Arad and ISJ Arad). Description of the results and impact: The intellectual product will be a "Collection of best European teaching practices" with specific contents of teaching, pedagogical, educational management, reflecting the successful experience of European host institutions and of people participating in mobility; The product will be posted on all the institutions websites as a basic tool for training teachers. The CDS renewal by providing each level of schooling with 2 cross curricular optional subjects ; The aimed institutional impact refers to improving students educational outcomes, integration of all the students with SEN, institutionalized, returning from abroad with the view of creating the best environment for learning through innovative teaching and motivating activities carried out by teachers trained for European standards. In the long run, our institution will benefit from a European educational network established by the project partners for sustainable exchange of good practice for teachers, to raise pupils and teachers awareness on European citizenship, to develop European contacts which allow initiation of new projects as well as an innovative educational management.
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