Madhi abdelwaheb Activiste société civil et millitant droits de l'homme President of civil pole for developement and human right

 Migrants and Refugees
 Human Rights

: Aug 8, 2016

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Activiste société civil et millitant  droits de l'homme .President of the civil pole for Development andHuman Rights Medenine

certification " Trainer of Trainers in Social accountability"Certifié Union européenne
CEO of the Mediterranean civil action
Executive member and the NationalCoalition for” Justice and freedoms” for justice and freedom Monitor human rights under the supervision of the National Democratic Institute NED
Trainer on the initiative of transparency in the extractive industries EITI initiative
Trainer of the observation of Election titute, NED

Trainer in writing policy papers from the organization Jasmine Foundation for research and communication in partnership with the National Democratic Institute NED evaluate mechanisms
Facilitator in social accountability certified by the International Republican Institute
Training session in the methodology of the five steps for strategic advocacy active in the field of human rights of the Arab Institute for Human Rights
Facilitator PIC participatif Accredited by the Ministry of Local Development in Tunisia

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facebook/ @ABDELWAHEB2016

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Tle :  + 216 24215774


Fields of Expertise:

 Gender Equality
 Minority groups
 Culture and Development
 Immigration Law
 International Law
 Tunisian Arabic

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