: Jan 16, 2023

About Me

Sistem Global Consulting is a leading Innovation and R&D Consulting Company in Turkey. We serve domestic and international companies that develop technology from the planning phase to the execution and commercialization phases. Since our establishment we have been dedicated to supporting the future of technology and fostering innovation in Turkey. We assist our clients in fostering innovation in their organizations and getting access to financial resources including R&D grants as well as venture capital. Our team in Sistem Global which is the biggest R&D consulting company in Turkey and we have carried out numerous successful EU Projects in Horizon, ECSEL, EUREKA and Eranet Programs with leading industry players and innovative technology providing SMEs. We are managing a huge international R&D portfolio composed of hundreds of successful EU partners, universities and institutions. And lately under the leadership of many respected coordinators we have successfully carried out similar projects by giving direct support to the coordinator. 


Fields of Expertise:

 Low-Carbon Technology
 Energy Efficiency
 Industrial Textile Manifacturing
 Artificial Intelligence

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