Horizon Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

: Feb 17, 2021

About Me

Horizon Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (HiED) is a research organization that promotes entrepreneurial thinking and enhancement of the innovative spirit.

Research & Development

We focus on promoting new and innovative ideas for AU-EU Project Proposals as well as turning the impact of the projects into viable solutions. Feel free to browse through our research lab to see our research ideas as well check our achievements page

Since our inception, we have implemented African Union and European Union  projects, under multiple AU-EU Financial Frameworks. Through the years, our team of expert Project Proposal Writers and Project Managers has gathered the experience to write and implement any AU-EU Project either as project partners or project leaders. This is what makes HiED the best partner to add to your AU-EU project consortium.

Fields of Expertise:

 Low-Carbon Economy
 Renewable Energy

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