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Nuno Vaz Silva - C Consulting

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: Oct 11, 2019

About Me

Expertise in EU projects and policies – drafting project proposals, technical and administrative assistance, support to project implementation (organising workshops, producing technical documents) and evaluation.

Expertise in decentralised cooperation – drafting project proposals, support to design strategies for international action of territorial authorities.

Clients and partners include networks (CUF – Cités Unies France, Latin Arc), territorial authorities (Nice-Côte d’Azur, Aix-Marseille-Provence, Conseil départemental des Pyrénées Atlantiques, La Drôme, Anci Toscana, Prato municipality, Hospitalet de Llobregat municipality, Spanish ministry of economy…), research institutions (Universtiy of Valencia, CSIC…), private companies and associations (Up2Europe, AMI – Aide aux Musiques Innovatrices, Visões Úteis…) all around the north shore of the Mediterranean basin.

Since 2005, working on International Cooperation, first within Portugal North Region, then at progamme level within the SUDOE JTS team and since 2012 integrating the INTERREG MED JTS team until 2018, when I started working as an independent expert;
From 2001 onwards, occasionally working with the Theatre Company Visões Úteis as a writer and dramaturgical assistant, collaborating on the writing and dramaturgical creation of several theatre plays and “hybrid” projects such as the audiowalks “Errare” (2004), co-produced by Visões Úteis and Coperativa Edison, in Parma, Italy, and “Coma Profundo” (2001), in Porto.

My eclectic trajectory includes several collaborations in the fields of journalism, literature and theatre, which have contributed to strengthening my skills as a communicator and openness to alternative approaches to different challenges. A skill that I've tested on a larger scale, for example as co-facilitator of the laboratory on populism in the project "Dialogue on Europe" (2016/2017), managed by the German think-tank Das Progressive Zentrum.

Fields of Expertise:

 Cross-border cooperation
 Transnational cooperation
 Euro-Mediterranean Relations
 Article Writing

Evaluations of Pre-submission Proposals

Evaluate your proposal to improve your chances of success!

This service is thought to estimate in advance your winning proposal evaluating the very last draft proposal before starting with the submission process. It is a way to reduce the risk of failures as well as to improve your weaknesses points and to increase the winning chance of your call.


A great number of proposals are rejected because they fail to fulfil one or more requirements set by the call for proposals they refer to. Having your proposal assessed by an expert before submission, can provide valuable feedback to improve your proposal and increase the chance of getting your idea funded.


Project proposals, beside being pertinent and innovative, should comply with many different criteria, ranging from a robust logical framework, to standards for expected results and outputs, sound workplan’s structuring, appropriate budget allocation, etc. Furthermore, they should match funding programmes’ and instruments’ priorities and contribute to the achievement of the set goals.


The service Evaluation of Pre-submission Proposals provides an evaluation of the proposal from an evaluator’s perspective, following the official award and selection criteria, including a thorough study of the call’s documents and a detailed review of the project proposal. Up2Europe experts bring added value to your proposal thanks to their:

  • Solid experience in the evaluation of project proposals in the framework of different EU funding programmes and instruments
  • Deep knowledge of the programmes’ and instruments’ priorities and objectives and of their official selection criteria
  • Strong understanding of proposal writing, project development and implementation.

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Draft Proposal Review

Give your draft proposal to an expert

Proposals are often rejected because they lack clarity and focus or they are not understandable and engaging for the evaluator, not necessarily an expert in the field. Let an expert review your draft! The fresh insight of an UP2EUROPE expert on your draft proposal is essential to increase the quality and effectiveness of your project idea, giving you more chances of getting funded.


Proposals must describe clearly and consistently the project’s idea and approach, including explanation of objectives and expected results, relevance for the selected call for proposals, topic and geographic area, innovative methodologies and activities, etc.  Furthermore, they should be understandable and appealing for non-technical people and should demonstrate the significance of the project for those outside the field.


The service Review of the Draft Proposal provides a thorough review of the proposal, including proof-reading and suggestions of revised text, coherence check and precise comments for improvement. UP2EUROPE experts bring added value to your proposal thanks to:

  • experience of working with EU funds: deep knowledge of programmes’ and instruments’ priorities and objectives and of their official selection criteria
  • a technical expertise differing from those of the consortium and a sound understanding of proposal writing,  project development and implementation
  • a new view:  having a fresh pair of eyes on the proposal can bring up some typos and inaccuracies overlooked by the authors.


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European Proposal Preparation to Get Funding

Every steps necessary to prepare a winning proposal

The preparation of a proposal is no simple matter: a winning project idea must be identified, the right partners must be contacted and involved, the application form and all supporting documents must be duly filled out. Above all, outstanding coordination capacities and large experiences of proposal writing are essential for a successful submission. Applicants’ organisations often lack these competences, which makes the process much longer and complex.

This is where Up2Europe Experts come into play!

Up2Europe Experts provide support/fully undertake selected or the complete package of preparation tasks - from providing advice in the development of the project idea and goals, to partner search and consortium building, recurrent review and proof-reading, preparation of administrative documents, up to the actual submission to the financing agency. Up2Europe Experts bring added value to your proposal, by making sure it is clear and consistent, understandable and appealing for non-technical people, and that it meets the requirements of the selected call for proposals.


Thanks to their solid experience in proposal writing and project implementation, in the evaluation and review of project proposals, as wells as their deep knowledge of the priorities and the selection criteria of EU programmes and instruments, Up2Europe Experts ensure a smooth and effective preparation of your proposal, resulting in the submission of a high-quality proposal.

Need a more detailed description of this service? Contact one of the Up2Europe Experts.


Managing European Projects

An expert manage your project

Project Management is much more than drafting gantt charts and filling out budget sheets. It entails several tasks that requires time and specific skills, which are not always available in the beneficiaries’ organisations. But, good news: management tasks can be easily outsourced! An Expert can assist you throughout all phases of project implementation.


Up2Europe experts provide support/fully undertake selected or the complete package of project management tasks - ranging from resources and work planning, to coordination of the consortium, maintenance of a project repository, organisation of meetings, reporting, budget monitoring, etc. - allowing you to focus on the scientific and technical activities.


Thanks to their deep knowledge of project implementation and their solid experience in the management of projects in the framework of different EU funding programmes and instruments, they can ensure an effective and efficient achievement of set objective and results.

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Training on European Projects Management

Training courses on European Fundings

Training in courses and masters on European Project Management, project design, advisoring on direct and indirect European funds, presentation of various funding programmes, Project Cycle management techniques, implementation and financial reporting

We focus on a very practical approach with exercises thought for the individual needs and client case.

Funding Opportunity Report

All opportunities filtered by eligibility criteria

Is your project idea eligible for EU funding? Which calls for proposals or tenders can you apply for? And how much  could you obtain? The Funding Opportunity Report can answer these questions! UP2EUROPE experts will scan through the most interesting and appropriate EU funding opportunities in European programmes and instruments, in order to identify those that are more relevant for your project proposal.


Funding opportunities are plentiful: calls for proposals are issued every week by the numerous EU bodies. Keeping track of each one these opportunities and recognising those that better match your project idea is not easy, but it is crucial to increase your chances of receiving the grant. Furthermore, the different programmes and instruments apply different rules in terms of partnership requirements, financing and co-financing amounts, activities that can be implemented and costs that may be included.


Thanks to their sound experience working with EU funding and their thorough knowledge of the eligibility criteria and requirements of EU programmes and instruments, and taking into account your current projects and future ambitions and your network of collaborators and partners, UP2EUROPE experts can support you in identifying the most relevant sources for funding your project ideas.

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Assistance Via Email/Chat/Phone

Direct support by email/chat/phone about European projects

The submission deadline is approaching and you still have doubts on the necessary support documents and their correct format or on the submission process itself? While preparing a project proposal you need a timely reply to questions regarding partnership requirements, the content of specific sections, or the eligibility of activities and costs?
An Up2Europe expert can resolve your doubts and answer your question in real time at any stage of the preparation and submission process.

By means of the service Live Support & Assistance on European Projects an UP2EUROPE expert provides real time support by email, chat or phone, easing the preparation and submission of your proposal and making sure you avoid the most common errors, increasing the chance of receiving the funds.  

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