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: Feb 14, 2021

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In Belarus, it’s not possible to become a theater actor if you don’t have a professional education of a 5-year bachelor’s degree in dramatic arts or theater directing.

We’re a group of non-professional actors who want to prove that with our talent and hard work we can change the social situation that takes place today.

We are in the process of official opening “Socium Reflexia Theatre” (Социум Рефлексия in Russian) where will be focusing on social problems in our country. All the performances will be devoted to the main social problems and addressing the challenges we face every day. The first theatre performance that we plan 

The final aim is to create the first Belarusian Theatre as a phenomenon of national dramatic art that could help preserve and highlight really important issues in Belarus and always get the experience of European countries that have already effectively resolved their social problems and develop a free and open market space for other theatre organizations dedicated to social solutions promotions and addressing challenges that will help citizens.

Within the lab, we'll highlight the social problems in Belarusian society with the help of theatre performances and use the European countries experience to raise awareness of possible ways

Theatre-Laboratory "Socium Reflexia" is aimed to exist as a community of devoted people who understand their ability to change the national situation within the ;

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 Cultural heritage
 Culture and Development

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