Julia Vorik

: Feb 14, 2021

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About Me

My name is Julia Vorik, I'm an actress, theatre addicted fairy, dramatechie. I believe that creativity and culture will always fulfill our hearts with happiness.

At the moment, I work as a PR/marketing manager for some tech brands. Here in Belarus, we're overcoming the most difficult time and unfortunately, all these events influence the cultural sector. As a lot of actors, directors, creative people lose their jobs, I decided to come up with an idea that will help the Belarussian theatre community.

We can talk a lot and try to define who I am, but to be honest I’m just a person who wants to transform the theatre industry in Belarus and other countries with the help of technology implementation to the theatrical products.

One day I realized that I could accumulate all the experience I got being an actress and being a tech geek. That's was the day "DramaTechie" was born. I try to create a system that will help theatre industry leaders build new solutions - the solutions combining technological insights

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 Cultural Management
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 Digital Culture
 Performing Arts
 Digital Humanities

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