Tamir Halperin

: Jan 2, 2023

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About Me

Who are we?

We’re a small group of friends – people who care about our world. It’s as simple as that 

We are not associated or affiliated with anyone or anything. This is an original idea inspired only by the pressing emerging needs of our times. We hear the unacceptably low signal to noise ratio in today’s media. We see fake news of hope and progress from all sides while shouts denouncing tyranny fill the streets of most major western cities. Protesters march to the beating drums of war journalism in the background growing louder by the day. With time constrained due to the personal responsibilities of our daily lives on the one hand, and with limited freedom of speech from media censorship interfering with our online communications on the other, our only motivation is to become the change we desire to see in the world by making real contact with real people and stimulating a more local and subjective discussion.

Our part in this project, empowered by your support, is to physically go to these cities, spend a day in each one speaking to real locals about what is really important to them, to record these discussions and to compile them into an expose of the real normal.

Please feel more than welcomed to join us and to support us.

What do we know?

It would appear that global media is dominated by information primarily of and from Washington, Brussels, and London, represented by a small cartel of somewhere between 10 to 20 mutually accrediting news outlets. While these outlets are, technically speaking, not only independent but also publicly traded corporations, they are, nevertheless, operated by a slightly smaller handful of governments affectionately known as the “Collective West”. And their audience, in turn, has also been given its own affectionate nick name by west… the “Global South”. Let that sink in.

Refreshingly, outside of ‘our Europe’, billions of other people on other continents pay less attention to our esteemed ‘global’ news industry than we do, even less than we imagine they do. Logically, this means that we are living in somewhat of an organic echo chamber that has systematically grown itself around us as a logical result of the natural and reasonable demands of the sheer scale of our modern European society. No conspiracy theories are needed to explain this. Our echo chamber news industry is the inevitable result of the unfolding process of interweaving distinct national identities into both the EU, by election, but also into NATO, as a condition of EU membership. An ad hoc homemade noosphere that defines our unionized understanding is an inescapable outcome of the large scale integration of the broad spectrum of diversity that has defined Europe for centuries. It became a necessary manifestation and a foregone conclusion when the nations of our continent decided to consolidate 500 million Europeans – despite the overwhelming diversity of their cultural, economic, religious, and political differences – into a family of nations, the EU.

What does the EU know? This is the question that we want to ask.

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 Arts Education
 Creative Europe
 Europe for Citizens
 European social fund (ESF)
 Horizon Europe
 European Union
 Urban Innovative Actions

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