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: Jun 9, 2023

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About Me

SmartCityUp is a non-profit association that was created in 2017 on the occasion of COP 22.

Its objective is to participate in the development of smarter territories by promoting knowledge and accessibility for all. 

To achieve this, it offers a global range of operational services for the design, creation and implementation of solutions designed to make territories more inclusive.

We are convinced that this process can only be achieved if we work closely with the people who live in these areas. That's why the association created and launched "Station Moon" in Tourcoing. This (third) place is a "Smart City demonstrator" where everyone can learn, research, innovate, prototype, create and test solutions and new ways of "doing things".

Keywords and matching areas:

 Capacity Building
 Social Innovation
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Creative Industries
 Digital Culture

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