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: May 14, 2017

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The Hellenic Education Society of STEM can contribute effectively in STEM for Education projects by providing hardware and software solutions that can be included in didactic/pedagogical scenario.

Projects of E3STEM include the development of didactic scenario based on Arduino, Raspberry pi, Labview, Scratch and Python I the framework of computational thinking and engineering pedagogy.

E3STEM has a strong network of approx. 120 primary and secondary school teachers s well as HE professors.

It could be a strong partner for dissemination and impact of STEM in ;


The Hellenic Education Society of STEM, (Ε 3 STEM), formed in 2017, is a registered, independent, nonprofit professional body and its members work for STEM education at primary, secondary and tertiary level.

Ε 3 STEM is a community of University Professors, School educators and School Advisors who share a common vision for the role of STEM epistemology in promoting education.

Ε 3 STEM engages in the development of STEM applications and epistemology with practices linked to the Inquiry Based teaching and learning ;It aims to promote the STEM epistemology, computing, computational science and computational thinking, and to advance understanding and education of the STEM methodology alongside with contemporary learning theories and didactic models.
It is the only professional body for STEM education in Greece with the vision to grant chartered status to STEM in Education professionals.


The aims and objectives of the Ε 3 STEM are to:

  • provide best teaching and learning practices and concepts for the operative delivery of STEM in Education didactics models
  • provide applied teaching projects/didactic scenario and curriculum activities
  • provide material towards the clarification of the concepts “STEM in Education” and “STEM epistemology”
  • promote the implementation of “engineering pedagogy” in Education integrated in STEM Education
  • provide guidance through the support of STEM based laboratories
  • provide innovative ideas for implementation of “STEM in education” in curriculum models
  • create and sustain a national professional association representing the educators in STEM in Greece
  • preserve and deliver a representative national opinion for member associations
  • provide a common forum for educators in STEM education at National and International level
  • cooperate with other organizations and stakeholders at local, national and international levels
  • facilitate and provide strategies for the dissemination STEM epistemology and practices for the teaching and learning process at local, national and international level.
  • provide support for member associations
  • organize and conduct workshops, conferences and seminars
  • be involved in National, European and International projects
  • publish publications with an International focus
  • increase community awareness of STEM epistemology
  • provide a repository with “STEM in Education” learning design activities


Keywords and matching areas:

 Education and Training
 Higher Education
 Lifelong Learning

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