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: Apr 6, 2020

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About Me

In short: Filmmaker. Feminist. Traveler. Writer. Illusionist. All in one.

In depth: 

Samuel Sebastian is a Spanish filmmaker an playwrighter, son of the painter Ester Rodríguez Ro. History of Art graduate, he got the Extraordinary Award Bachelor and studied a Screenplay Master in the UIMP– Valencia (Spain). He is currently working on his thesis about Independent Cinema Productions in the Digital Era.

His work as a filmmaker began in 2005 with the experimental long feature film First silence (El primer silencio, 2006). Since then, he alternates fiction films with social documentaries, videocreations and videoclips. After First Silence, he has made two more long features: The frame of dead (La pausa dels morts, 2011) and The long night of imagination (La larga noche de la imaginación, 2016). Currently he is working in his next two feature projects: Dakhma and Dystopia. As a director, his films have been screened in festivals from all around the ;You can find his profile at IMDb and some bio information at Wikipedia.

One of his most beloved projects, the RIP, takes place in Western Balkans.

He has worked in more than 40 productions as a writer, producer, director or editor, in countries such as Morocco, Syria, United States, France, Switzerland, Uganda, Spain, UK, Guinea, Panama, Cuba or Azerbaijan. Some of these films and documentaries are Over Azerbaijan's sky (2012, Sagrario Perpiñán), Jeunes et prêts à inventer le futur (2012, Nasser Bakhti), The silent revolution (2014, Oriol Messegué and David Marrades), Teachers (2015, Giovanna Ribes), Al Brown: Iron fists (2017, Carlos Aguilar), Da parish (2017, Lila French, Lizzie Prestel) or Good–bye Mr. Marshall (2017, Bebé Pérez), amongst others.

Besides he has worked for around ten international film festivals. Since 2019, he is the director of the Human Rights International Film Festival of Valencia, Spain.

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