Pedro J. Banon Soler

: Apr 22, 2020

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About Me

 JOBS AND MANAGEMENT POSITIONS: Sales Manager “ Cerámica Alberdi” Building materials. Buenos Aires – Argentina. 1975 Export Manager “ Baracuda Swimming Pool Cleaners” Automatic pool cleaners. Johannesburg – South Africa. 2001 Founder of “ Unispan Scaffolding” Renting and selling scaffolding. South Africa, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. 2003 Director “ Solarfast” Renewable energy , Photovoltaic. Spain and   2016 Project Development Officer “Grupo Sitecno” 2016 up to 2019. Founder of "Solar Green Education" 2018.

Solar Green Education (SGE) is a signatory of the School Commitment to the Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, therefore, it is a member of the UNESCO Global School Program. Our commitment is to disseminate to schools and universities  the SDGs, offer installation of solar energy and a course of solar energy and climate change.



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 Renewable Energy
 Sustainable Development
 Education and Training
 European Voluntary Services
 EU Aid Volunteers
 Climate Sciences
 European Union

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