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: Oct 28, 2020

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About Me

The Environmental Social Organization Network Naturefriends Greece/ NFGR operates as nonprofit Panhellenic corporation. NFGR is inspired by Naturefriends International environmental and social principles. Its members struggle for a society in which no priviledges or discriminations related to political beliefs, religion, sex, skin colour, origin, social class etc. will exist, as, only in such a fair society can sustainability, solidarity and climate justice be fully implemented.

NFGR is regular member of International  Naturefriends NFI (est. 1895)

We cooperate with Universities, Political, Environmental, Social and other Institutes, Research and Scientific Agencies, groups, and public benefit purpose organisations and nonprofit entities, in order to inform, educate, and implement common projects on sustainable development and the protection of manmade environment (charter, )


Our motto: “We plan with vision and implement responsibly and transparently, being accountable to the public”.

We are open to cooperations and activities in and out of Greece, for the protection and promotion of cultural heritages, ecosystems, sustainable or alternative tourism, respecting and supporting local traditions and economy, products and services.

The NFGR develops actions in all levels of social life, intervenes and participates in citizens’ networks, responds to invitations, deploys International or European days for the promotion of its views. In parallel, it organizes visits and guided trips to the countryside, parks, historical and archaeological sites, museums et al. In addition, the organization carries out campaigns, implements projects, intervenes in debates and/or bills, organizes and participates in day workshops.

NFGR are actively involved in:

  1. Protection of manmade and natural environment
  2. Culture, History and traditions
  3. Environmental Education, training, lifelong learning
  4. Sustainability and Just Tourism
  5. Outdoor leisure activities –I Discover and Protect Nature activities
  6. Fair Trade, consumers and producers rights
  7. Democracy, Transparency, control policy and advocacy
  8. Human, democratic, civil social rights,
  9. Involvement, solidarity and networking – on national, European and international level- for environmental and social justice
  10. Saving and promoting Renewable Energy Resources
  11. Reduction of waste and ecological, decentralized, socially just waste management
  12. Peace, reduced armaments, abolition of nuclear weapons
  13. Reconnection with nature
  14. Urban nature and Green cities
  15. Climate Change – Climate Crisis –  Climate Justice
  16. Road sefety – The pedestrians and cyclists writes – Mobility and Transport

Keywords and matching areas:

 Urban Management
 Cultural heritage
 Creative Europe
 Europe for Citizens
 Climate Sciences
 Digital Society
 EEA and Norway Grants

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