Marian Gaiceanu (Integrated Energy Conversion Systems and Advanced Control of Complex Processes Research Center)

: Aug 2, 2018

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Integrated Energy Conversion Systems and Advanced Control of Complex Processes (IECSACCP)

The infrastructure of the IECSACCP Research Center contains the equipments and software related to the following research directions:
1) Integrated Conversion Systems for Renewable Energies (micro cogeneration, micro trigeneration, photovoltaic, wind);
2) Energy Quality and Energy Efficiency of Centralized and Decentralized Networks;
3) Regenerative Electrical Drives Systems;
4) Automatic Control of Electricity Generation / Consumption Systems (automatic wind power conversion, optimization of electromechanical conversion to classical receivers);
5) Control of the flexible manufacturing lines and integrated robots.

Domains of activity: Energy Engineering Facilities (non-nuclear)Electrical and Optical Engineering FacilitiesAerospace and Aerodynamics Research FacilitiesRenewable Energy, Power Quality, Wheeled Mobile Robot, Flexible Manufacturing Mechatronics line

Keywords and matching areas:

 Energy Efficiency
 Intelligent Energy
 Renewable Energy
 Innovation & Research
 Horizon Europe
 Industrial Engineering
 Urban Innovative Actions
 Internet of Things (IoT)
 EEA and Norway Grants

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