Mariam Torosyan

: Feb 5, 2019

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About Me

I'm the president of "Will, Justice, Unity, Courage" Youth NGO. The NGO was established on March  31 2014. Also, I'm the co-founder of "BeHoney" Beekeeping Social Entrepreneurship;

Our NGO is concentrated in environmental education and environmental problem solving, mining problems, and Youth problems. As a youth worker, for me, it's important to work with youth and develop their skills and abilities.

It's our first time we want to find partners from EU countries for EU cooperation projects. Since now we have organized many grant projects, and now we want to work internationally,

Also, I'm Ambassador for Educational Equity, Alumni at Teach For Armenia. I'm a certified trainer, mentor, and couch.


Keywords and matching areas:

 Forest Resources
 Energy Efficiency
 Environmental protection
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 European Voluntary Services
 Lifelong Learning

Ideas in Progress

Favourite Calls

 Cultural heritage
Specific Challenge:The various forms of cultural tourism in Europe are important drivers of growth, jobs and economic development of European regions and urban areas. They also contribute, by driving intercultural understanding and social development in Europe through discovering various types of cultural heritage, to the understanding of other peoples' identities and values. However, although cul ...
Deadline Mar 14, 2019   - 19 days