Lindumusa Myeni, PhD

: Mar 9, 2021

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About Me

I have just completed my in Agrometeorology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. I am holding a Masters (cum laude) in Agrometeorology, with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Hydrology and Soil Science also obtained from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

My career has followed largely the research route, being employed by the Agricultural Research Council as the Professional development doctoral student (June 2017-July 2020), postdoctoral researcher (August 2020 –January 2021) and then as a Researcher in the division of Agrometeorology until the present. I have been doing outstanding research and tireless efforts in addressing and improving water agricultural water management to sustain productivity while also sustaining the environment as water-scarcity that is posed by climate change advances in the semi-arid of South Africa. Specifically, I have been undertaken extensive and interesting studies on the measurements and modelling for accurate and continuous in-situ soil moisture datasets in South Africa. Detailed information on the in-situ soil moisture measurements is crucial for the forecasting of climate variability, and for the development of adequate mitigation and/or adaptation strategies. I have been working on the development and evaluation of calibration equations for capacitance soil moisture sensors in different South African soils to improve measurements of soil moisture. I have also developed and used a soil water balance model (including improved techniques for evapotranspiration estimation) to estimate daily soil moisture content from climate data and with minimal soil physical properties to infill gaps and extend soil moisture datasets in this country. Furthermore, I have been exposed to agricultural fieldwork and conducted several community-based research projects focusing on sustainable agricultural productivity of smallholder farmers through setting-up and monitoring of experimental trails, awareness-raising, provision of up-to-date information on sustainable agricultural practices, climate, early warnings on droughts, adaptation strategies to climate change.

I am a committed, respectful and hardworking person with an adorable discipline and very passionate about my research. I am an intelligent man who is self-motivated to excel in my research and a man of strong character and integrity. I am an excellent oral presenter and writer with traceable scientific conference presentations (n=5) and scientific peer-reviewed published papers (n=6). Despite my publications being relatively recently published (2019 onwards), they are being cited by the scientific community (h = 2 Google Scholar). Hence, I am confident that my extensive research experience in the field of soil science, hydrology, agriculture and meteorology could make me qualify as the most promising and emerging black South Africa researcher in this scarce-skilled field.

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 Climate Sciences

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