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: Mar 22, 2016

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About Me

Leader Pohjois-Satakunta is a funding organization and a strong regional stakeholder in local development policies in North Satakunta area in Finland. We have been ranging first in transnational project work in Leader program  in national level and as well  one of the topmost in European level. Leader program is a  EU community initiative under EAFRD.

Our LAG has also the European Commissions information network point Europe Direct Pohjois-Satakunta and we help in identifying partners for different project initiatives and diffuse EU-information, organize seminaries and meetings.

Our range of activity in funding reaches many more different areas of activity as those mentioned in keywords so please, don't hesitate to contact.


Keywords and matching areas:

 Forest Resources
 Maritime Affaires and Fisheries
 Rural Development
 Social Innovation
 International Cooperation
 Development and Cooperation
 Culture and Development
 European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
 International Project Management

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