Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education

: Dec 21, 2017

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Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education is a state institution in charge of the planning and coordination of all kinds of educationl and training activities in preschool, primary, secondary and adult education in Konya. Konya Province has 31 districts with 2370 schools, 432,553 students and teacehers in total

Konya İl MEM is an umbrella organisation for all these. We are a big family.

Konya has million population with an area of km2, which is the largest province in Turkey. Konya has Beyşehir and Salt Lake, respectively on the western part of Konya near Isparta-Konya border, the second biggest lake in Turkey.

There are 3 types of trasportation in Konya. It has very advantegeous location in terms of transportation opportunities. Konya is a crossroad between the roads passing through west to eas and north to south

1. There are coaches almost every 30 minutes from Konya-Istanbul 662km (8 hours by bus)

Konya-Ankara 258km  (4 hours by bus)

;High speed trains

Konya-İstanbul (4 hours)

Konya-Ankara (1 hour and 40 minutes by train)

3. Air Transportation

 4 times a day you can find flights

Konya-Istanbul (1 hour)

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