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: Mar 31, 2020

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The Ceramic Industry Research Association (ITC-AICE) is a Private non-profit Research Institute recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as Technology Centre by Royal Decree 2093/2008. ITC-AICE is committed to providing solid support for ceramic sector in the defense and enhancement of their strategic positioning in the current global context, principally through innovation-enabling research and development actions, but also through whatever activities might serve to foster the competitiveness and growth of the sector, always based on sustainability criteria and commitment to societal well-being

The competence attained through ITC-AICE’s wide-ranging research activity enables to extend its field of action to other types of processes and materials. Particularly ITC-AICE works in the field of ceramic processing, energy efficiency, industry’s environmental impact minimization (innovative waste recovery solutions and emissions reduction), new products development, architectural use of ceramics, among others. Thus, its activities include products and processes improvement, residues and greenhouse pollutants reduction, control systems development, energy saving plans, etc.

From the outset, as technology partner of the ceramic sector, ITC is undertaking several R&D activities in the ceramic and related industries, through projects funded by public bodies and by ceramic sector companies.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Low-Carbon Technology
 Low-Carbon Economy
 Raw Materials
 Energy Efficiency
 Renewable Energy
 Waste Management
 Environmental protection
 Industrial Manufacturing
 Innovation & Research
 Education and Training

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