: Apr 10, 2019

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Indigo-Med is a Science Communication & Education consultancy based in Greece. It provides effective science communication and education solutions through creative and entertaining ;The company undertakes the design and implementation of professional communication and dissemination strategies for any project. Being actively involved in the dissemination and communication activities of European projects for the last 10 years, we have cooperated internationally with distinguished research centres, aquaria, scientific and educational organisations, as well as universities and science centres, aiming to create science communication networks and forums, and to provide effective dissemination of scientific knowledge to the general public and the interested stakeholders.
Part of the outreach activities that Indigo-Med plans for the general public, includes the design and implementation of educational activities that engage students all of ages in learning about science, either through formal or informal education establishments, while ocean literacy remains one of the top priorities and areas of expertise.
Indigo-Med also undertakes the organisation of events and conferences, from start to finish. It can provide dedicated services for organising events, including event promotion & dissemination, social media account management before and during the event, as well as the overall management of the event, including planning, executing and promoting the ;Our staff is a long-lasting member of important organisations/networks in the field of marine science education and communication. More specifically, one of our members is an official Steering Committee Member of the European Marine Board Communications Panel, while she is also involved in the European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA) and more importantly, she is one of the founders of its Mediterranean branch, EMSEA-Med. Furthermore, Indigo-Med staff have often been invited on discussion panels on ocean literacy and science education in Europe and the USA at global ocean science education workshops and conferences.

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