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: Mar 17, 2021

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Go Forward! aims to combat gender stereotypes, promote women leadership and their empowerment. We work to enable women to choose careers in what traditionally perceived as male-dominated professions, such as ICT, engineering, etc. Global economic empowerment of women is crucial in achieving gender equality and sustainable development. According to UNDP, women are the key contributors to economies, as producers of food, managers of natural resources, and as entrepreneurs and employees. However, women are also the main providers of unpaid care and domestic work - globally, women do times the charge-free care and domestic work that men do.

In 2016, on a volunteering basis, we started charge-free events "Go Forward!" in Vilnius, intending to encourage gender equality. After the magnificent response of positive feedback and the popularity of the Go Forward! events, we decided to take a step forward by inviting new partners and adding more activities to the programme. Therefore, the project expanded: we saw increased numbers in participants; social, academic, and business partners, also we increased the number of activities. To this day, in promoting equal rights, Go Forward! project successfully delivers conferences, focus groups, and workshops for women; encouraging them to pursue a career, offering professional and personal growth training programs for professionals and senior high school students. In each event, we are honoured to see a diverse range of volunteers support our vision practically and administratively; such as logistic, social media and photography. Our voluntary scheme celebrates and promotes work experience and opportunity for young students to nourish their future career ;



Since 2017, the international conference "Go Forward!" about successful women leadership and careers is the only such event in the Baltic region. The first conference was attended by 300 participants, the most recent boasts - 650. To encourage women's involvement in creating innovations, the institution organised the first Women Innovation Sprint in Lithuania, attended by 100 ;

In 2021, together with the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee, Go Forward Academy is preparing a project "HeforShe" Lithuania - an invitation for men and boys to show solidarity with women in seeking gender equality, combating stereotypes and being a united force of the ;

Go Forward Academy also carries out publicity projects: since 2018, on one of the most popular news portals in Lithuania, , in the weekly show Not Perfect (Netobulos), Juriga Varanavice, the core founder of the Academy, hosts a conversation successful women entrepreneurs, scientists and representatives of creative professions, who are sharing their experiences about their careers and whose inspirational example encourages a public discussion about gender equality and demolishes stereotypes. One show reviews reach 4,000 to 65,000 users.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Go Forward Academy carries out distance learning for individuals and ;


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