Galia Weidl

: Feb 11, 2019

About Me

My work and research is (has been) focused on real world problems from the following areas:
- Advanced Driver Assistance and Safety Systems, Driving Automation
- Remote Patient Monitoring and Medical Diagnostics
- Industrial Process Analysis, Modelling and Diagnosis

My special areas of interest have been concerned with:
* Representation, Modelling and Processing of Knowledge and Data
* Multi-sensor Information Extraction
* Cooperative Sensor Networks and Cooperative Perception for Preventive Road Safety
* Automated Analysis of Events (Reasoning under uncertainties) in large-scale processes and systems
* Applications of Bayesian Networks in the pathology for probabilistic causal modelling, classification and interpretation
* Applications of Bayesian Networks for Remote Patient Monitoring
* Applications of probabilistic causal models (object-oriented Bayesian Networks and Influence Diagrams) for Modeling and Analysis of Continuous and Discrete Industrial Processes
* Combinations of physics, mathematical and AI Methods for Condition Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis and Decision Support on Process Operations
* Random Systems, Stochastic Processes & Optimal Analysers
* Cognitive technical Systems

Special Areas: Combinations of physics, mathematical and AI methods for causal representation, modelling and analysis of events

Keywords and matching areas:

 Urban Innovative Actions

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