Eleni Karasali

: Jan 22, 2020

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About Me

My name is Helen Karasali and I am Head Researcher and the  the Head of the laboratory of Chemical Control of Pesticides. Research activities are focused on the development and validation of multiresidue methods on soil-sediment and empty pesticide containers after triple rinsing. An other area of research is the development and validation of methods for the analysis of plant protection products and co-formulants, identification of foreign substances and full characterization of pesticide product.

Currently I am partner of ClimaMed. I have been participating as action leader in LIFE Ecopest and Life SAGE projects as well as in BTSF nad TAIEX training ;

As regards the Climamed my activities focuses on the validation of a LIDAR instrument for the determination of GHS gases. In the other two LIFE projects I developed and validated  methods for the analysis of herbicides and specifically glyphosate in soil samples. Also it was performed Risk analysis of the ;

Keywords and matching areas:

 LIFE programme
 Climate Sciences

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