: Apr 8, 2021

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DRATTE’s meaning is “Action for the Development of Tourism and Tourism Education” and it is a non-profit association based in Athens. It was established by executives of tourism enterprises and professors of higher tourist education with the following goals:

  • Ensure alignment of education and job market.
  • Support  tourism enterprises with scientific information and modern ;
  • Support the planning of rational tourism ;
  • Propose and apply solutions for the challenges faced by the sector.
  • Support the development of tourism in Greece.
  • Support the evolution of hospitality and tourism education in all ;     


Within the scope of the union, two institutes have been established:

  • The Tourism Research Institute (), which has been created in order to serve the scientific purposes of the union and has an academic orientation.
  • The Tourism Activities Quality Evaluation Institute which is oriented towards tourism businesses.



DRATTE undertakes a variety of activities for the achievement of its aims. In detail:

  • Career services office for tourism employers and employees.
  • Maintains a library of tourism books, magazines, research and studies in the Association headquarters.
  • Provides members with training courses for Administration, Tourism Management and career ;
  • Allocates specialised advisers on postgraduate tourism studies subjects.
  • Provides workplace  training for employees in hotel enterprises.
  • Supports hospitality by organising quality and advisory teams that help business, if needed.
  • Conducts research and studies on the development of tourism enterprises or tourism regions.
  • Employs scientific teams that examine current tourism education conditions and come up with proposals for the responsible institutions.
  • Publishes the refereed scientific "Journal of Tourism Research".
  • Organises academic conferences and seminars with the aim of providing the opportunity to academics and researchers, professionals of tourism, and private individuals from all around the world, to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.

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