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: Mar 1, 2019

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"IASIS" is non-governmental, non-profit organization, located in Athens-Greece, active in the field of Social Inclusion, Mental Health and De-institutionalization, which actively participates in the psychiatric reform promoted by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and the European Union. The organization has an official registration as Private Non-Profit Organization and a Special Registration in Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations Lists handled by General Directorate of Welfare (09110AEN21094O32N-0798 and 09110AEN21094O32N-0721). IASIS NGO also has Management Competence System certified by the Special Service / Department of Health and Social Solidarity (No. 1483).

Organization’s main objective is to provide psychosocial support and education to people who either belong to the range of or are at risk of exclusion, and to adult learners in the humanitarian ;

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Innovation
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Innovation & Research
 Adult Learning
 Arts Education
 Europe for Citizens
 Social and Welfare

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