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: Dec 19, 2019

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The company Das Netz – Die Servicegesellschaft mbH is a start-up company in the sector of adult education and counselling for different target groups. We offer services on topics as follows:


Career Counselling:

  • Empowerment of long-time unemployed persons to (re-)integrate into the job market
  • Aptitude Assessment and Career guidance for school leavers and graduates
  • Career planning for university dropouts
  • Application coaching
  • Counselling for Start-ups


Personal Coaching:

  • Time and stress management strategies
  • Motivational strategies
  • Compatibility of family and career
  • Finding strategies for managing personal problems
  • Promotion of physical and mental health


Adult education:

  • Obtaining a school-leaving qualification
  • Obtaining a professional qualification
  • Language courses for immigrants
  • Retraining courses


Continued Professional Development:

  • Courses in all fields of business needs ranging from soft skills over health and social care, digitalization to IT and media


International and EU-Projects:

  • Developing a curriculum for graduates from a pedagogical university in Hanoi, Vietnam to enable them to work in Germany in their field of profession
  • Establishing an exchange program with Vietnam for VET-students from a range of professions
  • Working on KA2 Projects (see below)



Target groups:


We work with adults from 18 to 60, some with migrational background, quite a lot of them with at least two years of being unemployed, with VET-students, graduates, sometimes whole families.


Das Netz – Die Servicegesellschaft mbH is certified by the German Federal Employment Agency, so that all our courses and coachings can be funded up to 100%. Currently we are working with the local job agencies to help combat the shortage of skilled workers by activating the hidden reserves among the unemployed and/or unskilled and by providing immigrants with sufficient German language skills to enable them to integrate into the job market.


Our courses in CPD and adult education are run as e-learning courses in virtual classrooms.


Since 2015, the majority of our staff has been involved in a variety of "Mobilities" at our former employer WBS TRAINING AG, playing active and ;

Don't hesitate to contact us: Sandra Biewald, sandra . biewald @ dasnetz - bildung . de +4934527976751

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 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Lifelong Learning

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