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: Feb 1, 2021

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Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands has been founded at 1998, at Nikea, st. Petrou Ralli 210 & Thiseos 1, Piraeus. Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands is a private body non profit and non governmental organization, aiming to foster intercultural awareness, understanding, cooperation and solidarity according to the principles and ideals of UNESCO.

Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands is managed by an eleven-member Board of Directors, the members of which are volunteers and has more than 3,000 members.

The main objectives of Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands are:

— To promote Intonational Understanding, according to the principles and ideals of UNESCO, and to direct the interest of common opinion towards the objectives of the organization.

— To promote the constitution of Study Groups and Intonational Relations Groups that are directly related to the objectives of UNESCO and to create a Culture of Peace.

— To organize European, National or Regional Programs of informal Continuous Vocational Training, Education, and tackling of unemployment addressed to citizens, to the Repatriated, to the Unemployed and to Immigrants.

— To contribute to the Scientific, Environmental / Ecological and cultural training of its members, helping them adapt to the constant social developments and changes, and above all to work towards creating a “Culture of Peace”

— To  consolidate free exchange of scientific and Cultural knowledge, free trade of educational and cultural ideas and initiatives



a) Cultural Activities

Management of international & local cultural festivals and international meetings with the purpose of fostering intercultural understanding according to the principles and ideals of UNESCO. Implementation of exchange programs of students from other countries to develop peace, friendship and mutual cooperation. Organizing events for new and / or established artists, art exhibitions, book presentations. Supporting theatrical dance and artistic performances. Events promoting folk art and tradition. Events aimed at reducing prejudice and enhancing intercultural dialogue among cultures.


b)Educational Activities

Organization of free courses, seminars, workshops and conferences to provide information, awareness and training of young people on issues relating to current social issues (work, employment, volunteering, environment, culture, social events). Our members can attend courses on multiple languages, dance, drama, music, visual arts, cutting and sewing, gymnastics, and Greek language classes aimed at immigrants and refugees, all provided by volunteer teachers.

Management of general educational training programs aimed at reducing unemployment, non-formal learning programs for young people to promote active participation in volunteering, advocacy and social issues, promoting European citizenship.

Organization of activities for the conservation, preservation and dissemination of Greek heritage.

Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands has a great educational experience, as on weekly basis, we organize non-formal educational courses and seminars, run by our club members & volunteers with great appeal, especially to young audience. These courses have various thematic like foreign languages, cultural education, traditional arts and crafts and more.




The Club for UNESCO of Pireus and Islands has acted as both coordinator and partner in relevant exchange projects in the past. Most notably:


GRUNDTVIG, 2012 — 2010-1-ES 1 -GRU06-20750

Youth in Action, 2013 — / Rl / 2013/13 & GR-31-E17-2013-R-GRUNDTVIG

Erasmus+ 2017 — 2016-1-FR01-KA202-024202

Erasmus+ 2017 — 580329-EPP-1-2016-1-BE-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN

Attica 2014-2020 2017 — 5001316

Attica 2014-2020 2017 — 5001309


Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands has a great experience in the field of culture and cultural exchanges. We organize cross-national exchanges of young people, artists, scientists and organizations active in relevant fields, in order to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding. These exchanges are taking the form of cultural festivals, exhibitions, training, conferences, educational visits.

The Club participates in various conferences, meetings and activities of the World Federation of Clubs, Centers and Associations for UNESCO (WFUCA) Worldwide and of the European Federation of UNESCO Clubs (EFUCA).

Additionally, we organize conferences, seminars, workshops, cultural visits, artistic intercultural events and experiential seminars on issues related to the designation and promotion of World Heritage.

Furthermore, the close cooperation of our Club with Museums, the Greek Department of ICOMOS, and much relevant organization in local and global level gives us additional management capacity in this sector.


All of our complete actions are available at


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 Enterprise and Industry
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Social Innovation
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
 Aid to Refugees
 Youth Workers
 Migrants and Refugees

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