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: Dec 17, 2017

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City Development Agency of Banja Luka  (hereafter the CIDEA, CIDEA is abbreviated name of the Agency) was founded by Decision of Assembly  of the city of Banja Luka  (Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and it has the status of the juristic person: administrative, non profit organization. The CIDEA is the link between the city administration and other stakeholders participating in the local development.

The CIDEA has its mission to provide support to existing and potential small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs to encourage their development and contribute to the growth of gross domestic product and create new jobs. The main aims of the CIDEA activities are the following: coordinated planning and implementation of development projects, developed sector of entrepreneurship and growth of SMEs, educated and competitive workforce and developed information system for monitoring the development and influence the results of implemented projects.

The main activities that the CIDEA has been performing are focused on identification and implementation of development projects that are facilitating and accelerating development of entrepreneurship and have positive impact on employment rate in the city as well as development of the other projects assigned by the City. In the previous years, the CIDEA also drafted studies and planning documents number of strategic documents related to rural development  and SME development strategy. This shows the CIDEA’s strong commitment to the projects that are in compliance with approved strategic documents.

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