: May 22, 2019

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We would like to express our interest in participating in a consortium for EU calls, in case you are applying and needing a reliable partner from Greece with experience in implementing EU-funded projects. "CCIK is an advisory body of the state and its members and aims to promote development activity in its region as well as the development of industry, craft, trade, and services in the interests of the national ; Members of the CCIK are obligated to be all natural and legal persons that have their registered office or are located in the Prefecture of Korinthia and exercise a natural business activity. The CCIK is the compulsory Union of merchants, manufacturers, artisans, and professionals who act within the prefecture of Korinthia. The CCIK members are 8500. In the force of its members are also included 130 export enterprises.

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 Enterprise and Industry
 Energy Efficiency
 Adult Learning
 Creative Industries

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 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Social Innovation
 Business Management
 Business Development
The European Commission is launching this call for proposals for the provision of services aiming to facilitate the management and development of the European startups and scaleups ecosystem graph. More specifically, it refers to the study and configuration of top data platform. This initiative will provide a better understanding of what is happening locally in various hubs, for example assessi ...
Deadline Sep 23, 2019   - 2 days