: Mar 17, 2022

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About Me

We are a scientific systemic management consulting agency, one of the oldest management consulting companies in Romania. The method of scientific systemic management is the result of our research for over three decades in scientific organization and management and is especially focused on avoiding mistakes in preparing, making and implementing decisions and on achieving their maximum efficiency with minimum resources used. We currently offer online consulting to the Romanian Government with proposals and consulting for the implementation of the method of scientific systemic management in education, public administration and economics. To support this activity, I published the book "Scientific Systemic Management. Fundamental Concepts" CreateSpace, US-WA-Seattle, 2016. I follow several calls, starting with this one: EC - Horizon Europe - Intelligent & Integrated asset management. Contact me. Constantin Mihaescu

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 Capacity Building
 Social Innovation
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Higher Education
 European Voluntary Services
 Lifelong Learning
 Creative Europe
 EEA and Norway Grants

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