Robert Csergő

 Budgeting & Forecasting
 International Project Management

: Jun 7, 2016

About Me

I'm a numbers professional, highly motivated by new challenges, a results-driven, business-oriented consultant, with a background of over 10 years’ in number crunching, cost-benefit analysis, project management, organizational change management, start-ups in roles like specialist, COO and CFO. I have extensive experience with Horizont calls, Norway Grants, SEE calls and EuropeAid contracts (value of project's over € 3 million). I consider myself reliable, hardworking and having good communication skills. My aim is to offer clear strategies for private and governmental entities and neat execution of that strategy. Focusing on factors that are essential to success, project management, organisational finance & development (what trade-offs do and which one to avoid), operations (efficiency by effectiveness), strategy (not just adapt, get ahead of it) and transformation (it's not an “if” question it's a “when we start question”).

Fields of Expertise:

 Capacity Building
 Human Resources

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