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: Feb 25, 2020

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ASHOWED is an acronym which stands for Advocating adolescent for Salvation Healthcare- Humanity for Orphans Widows-Women Elderly and disabled persons (CONSORTIA / ASSOCIATION) in supporting weakened structure among marginalised groups. ASHOWED is a Non –Governmental Organisation registered as a non- profit organisation under Kassanda District Local Government as community based organisation established in 2017 and officially registered under the CBO/NGO AND DEVELOPMENT GROUPS REGISTRATION ACT 2016 certificate number And charity number: identification Number (TIN) A/c No: 1016201295629( Equity Bank Uganda). ASHOWED acts on humanitarian basis regardless of race, gender, religion or political affiliation. ASHOWED has always welcomed all people from different cultures and walks of life. Since it’s inception, the organisation has made adequate research on major Concerns for Community (C4C) and forming this association as integrated approach for support and facilitate worthy community based organisations/organised groups becoming more effective and efficient in social –economic intervention programs. The desire and intention to have grass rooted-based organisations and groups (local groups initiative) making excellent impact in our under takings, is the impetus for funding this organisation. Focused areas include: OVC, poverty reduction through empowerment of women, youths and food insecurity, HIV/AIDS awareness, agricultural modernization & agro-processing technologies, environmental protection, charitable institutions, human rights defenders, skills development for vulnerable groups and healthcare.

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 Capacity Building
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Child Care

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