Created on 25 Apr 2016
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Looking for Partnership

Looking for Lead Partner

Dear Friends,
Time is running short and I would like to move one step forward. I think that the most important step is to know if, for sure, tou would like to join us in the program.
1. to check if tour organization can apply
2. check if you have the financial capability and prepare the documents;
(step 1 and 2 from page 235 to page 240 of the program guide):

If everything is ok you can move to the next step that is.
3. to register on the participant portal hence to get the (PIC – Participant Identification Code) at the following address:
4. when you get the PIC please forward to me at the following address:

All documents are included in dropbox directory. If you can meet the requirements I can send you the Dropbox address

Best regards

You can always reach me at the following address:

skype: georges_dalle
+393386139470 and also on Whatsapp

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