Waste to Hydrogen Danube Delta Boat Project

8 years ago

Roger Preston

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Obtain European and Romanian environment Loans/ grants for a feasibility study for  pilot Waste to Hydrogen Danube Delta Boat Project(W2HDDBP) using the PowerHouse Energy (PW2HPP) waste to energy 25 ton per day system fuelled from municipal waste / local biomass as fuel , a quayside hydrogen refuelling facility  and a hydrogen powered vessel.  Also a media centre and website.

Phase 2

  1. Build a pilot hydrogen power plant purchasing the PowerHouse Energy (PW2HPP) waste to energy technology system and produce hydrogen from municipal waste and local biomass.  The Danube Delta has thousands of hectares of water reed with could be harvested as biomass by the local population and is completely sustainable as it regrows within one year.

The PowerHouse Energy (PW2HPP) 25 tons per day zero emission G3- UHT technology gasification system (formerly Pyromex) is a robust and reliable technology, based on the latest science of ultra-high temperature gasification (UHT), and incorporates significant improvements and efficiencies. Equally important, the new technology represents a truly commercial Waste Gasification Technology which has a much lower cost base.

PowerHouse Energy (PW2HPP) is a leading provider of on-site clean energy systems and long term energy off-take services, using both traditional and renewable forms of fuel to generate electric and thermal energy in an economically and environmentally responsible manner. The PowerHouse system works with micro-turbines and ultra-clean engines that conserve resources by generating cogeneration energy more efficiently than the traditional supply from a utility and with minimal to zero emissions.

The PowerHouse Energy(PW2HPP) energy-from-waste  system installed on-site are able to take advantage of Cogeneration (CHP) capturing the excess heat of combustion from the engine to yield thermal energy in the form of hot water for heating, or through absorption chillers produces cold water for cooling.  The concept, commonly known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling and Power (CCP), are what make on-site energy so efficient and cost effective.

  1. Build/purchase a hydrogen refuelling, storage and maintenance facility for a state of the art fuel cell hydrogen tourist boat on quayside land of a Danube Delta port Tulcea County, Romania. Air Products is developing a compact Smart Hydrogen Refuelling Station. Honda Motor Co Ltd and Iwatani Corp has developed the "Smart Hydrogen Station," the world's first hydrogen station unit containing hydrogen production equipment, hydrogen charging system, etc. The unit can produce 1.5kg of hydrogen per day and store up to about 18kg of hydrogen, which can fully charge 4 FCVs.


  2. Build/purchase a pilot hydrogen powered tourist passenger vessel.

Our boat, similar to the boat that cruises Amsterdam’s canals has been designed to run on hydrogen and does not produce any exhaust gases (except water), smell or noise.

In the boat's engine hydrogen and oxygen react to form water and electricity, which is used to propel the boat (like on the picture below).. The hydrogen needed is produced by the PW2HPP system, so the entire energy consumption of the boat is environmentally friendly. Canal boat cruises are amongst the most popular tourist activities in the Delta. Most boats are glass top, flat boats. Diesel powered boat are frequently criticised because of the noise,CO2 and smell they produce.

The PW2HPP modular demonstration project will show how to produce hydrogen from garbage and use this hydrogen for powering a cruise fleet of fuel cell based ships, which travel along Danube, between Germany - Austria and Romania.

  1. Eco Tourism media/Information Centre on Danube Delta.

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