promotion of tourism through cultural heritage linked to great navigators and discoveries

Created on 08 Apr 2016
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The first call for Proposals under the Atlantic Area Transnational Programme 2014-2020 will be opened very soon with a co-financing rate of 75%.

The County Council of Huelva will attend this call with a project related to the theme of the Great Voyages to the New World or other sites whose name is RECOVER. This proposal aims to Priority Axis 4 (Enhancing biodiversity and the natural and cultural assets in order to protect the environment and promote cultural identity to make the Atlantic Area a more attractive place for local communities and visitors) and its Objective "Enhancing assets and natural and cultural heritage".

The main objective of the project is to attract more visitors through the development of tourism linked to heritage related to Great Voyages or Navigators. We are looking for partners from France, Ireland and the United Kingdom who are eligible for the Atlantic Area Programme because all of us are linked by an important historical and cultural heritage related to the great voyages to the New World or, simply, a long tradition linked to great navigators.

The main idea is to create tourist products and drive promotional activities in order to raise and attract visits

Contact Person: Esther García Vidal

Local Development Area

+34 959 49 47 79 Ext. 10235

 Cultural heritage
 Transnational cooperation
 Territorial Cooperation

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