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Call for proposal:  A European public sphere: a new online media offer for young Europeans

Our idea: EU youth media outreach 

There is a need to reach out to the youths – Raising awareness by giving precise and accurate information about the risks and consequences of a certain behavior is a start but not enough in itself. The reasons and the underlying emotions which determine why and how people act as they do are addressed as well. There is no better way to capture such emotions than through filming and documentary.

Used effectively – often in collaboration with specialists and educators - the multi-media can contribute to the development of societies by raising awareness and changing attitudes. And there is perhaps no more effective means to realize this than to let the youths write and film their own stories as envisaged in this project

Main objectives of the project

In line with the call, the goal is to develop a hands-on based communication strategy for the youths involving both traditional, and new media, aiming to empower their expression and communication skills towards values for nonviolent relationships, conflict resolution, and collaborative learning

Specific goals.

  1. The youngsters are trained in online TV and video production. They will start producing their online programs. Their involvement in production teaches the youngsters how to exercise their rights on expression and show that their work can have a real influence.
  2. Real influencer and dissemination:

Organizing debates and talk shows which can help raise public awareness and change attitudes on issues to do with the development of the societies and other matters of immediate relevance in their lives through ;

 Sustainable Development
 Gender Equality
 Youth Exchanges
 Lifelong Learning
 Film and Media
 Migrants and Refugees

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