NGIoT goes to school (NGIoTs)

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Relevant H2020 Topic:

NGIoTs Solution:
Via the Next Generation Internet of Things framework, NGIoTs Solution  includes applications, devices and systems using 5G (where available), cyber-security, distributed computing, artificial intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality and tactile internet to ameliorate, to facilitate, to improve the school days of pupils and ;

Provisioned Work in bullets: 

  • Definition of state-of-the-art in European ;
  • NGI Landscape mapping - IoT current status and provisions.
  • Privacy and ethical ;
  • Proposed NGIoTs Solution architecture.
  • NGIoTs Solution parts' development.
  • NGIoTs Solution parts' integration.
  • NGIoTs Solution demonstration is suitable school environment.
  • Dissemination/Exploitation of the NGIoTs Solution at European ;

Partnership will include:
University/Research Laboratories, SMEs for NGIoT technologies, Educative end-users ;

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Technology Transfer
 IT Applications
 Higher Education
 Horizon Europe
 Internet of Things (IoT)

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