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Elona Jushi



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Name: Elona 
Surname: Jushi
Place of birth: Laç, Kruje
Hometown: Laç, Alba Adriatica, Italy

Tel. What's app contact:          0684991710


• I have been graduated with perfect results at high school in Laç Kurbin in the period of time 1998 – 2002.

• I have studied at Tirana University, Economic University Faculty for the period of time 2002 – 2006. I have been graduated with good results.

• I am a student of the European University of Tirana for getting the Title of Doctor.

• I have gotten Tefl certificate as an International English Teacher by Bridge Education Group, Denver,”Colorado.

• I am participating and certified by all Cambridge Seminars organized by Cambridge Assessment in Italy.

Other experiences:

• I have been part of a movie named Busulla.

• I have worked as an English translator in craft fairs organized at my capital city Tirana.

• I have worked part time as a cultural journalist and economist journalist for more than seven years.

* From September 2007 to now I have ran out my own business on teaching English and Computer to hundreds of students!

* From September 2007 to 2019 I was a Kurbin Municipality clerk these six recently years I was the financial director in Kurbin Municipality.


Other skills or abilities:


• I have good abilities on using all the based programs of computer and I am certificated on using it in 2002.

• I am very good at communicating in English.

.             I am good at communicating Italian.

• I know how to drive the car and I have the driver’s license.

.             I am working on publishing my new book. The first book I published was a poetry book “Are you right?” in 2004.


Thank you for your attention!!!

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