KA2 LOOKING FOR COORDINATOR_Ensure Water Supply Against Climate Change Impacts (EWSuCCI)

Created on 13 Mar 2017
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Climate change (CC) may have significant influence on the ability to provide safe and sustainable drinking water.

 It is crucial from a strategic point of view to assess the possible range of impact of CC on the water resources used for drinking water supply and to delineate critical areas where measures are needed.

The main objective of EWSuCCI  is to safeguard water availability and safety for a sustainable water supply for citizens in different European regions for several decades under the influence of CC, provoking land-use changes.

Therefore methods and instruments will be jointly developed to predict landuse change impacts on water supply. Measures to adapt water supply management to these changes will be proposed. In this respect specific objectives are to:

- identify and apply an adequate model in order to quantify CC on catchment scale by analysing water balances.


Target Groups:

-End users: water suppliers which deliver services in their own responsibility or companies regulated by public bodies.

-Policy makers: responsible for legislation and regulation of water, CC and spatial planning

-Spatial planners channel the simultaneous use of areas by concurring users

-Researchers are working on water related and CC issues, land use topics or spatial planning

-Broad public, informed about critical issues in order to participate in societal decisions.

-Stakeholders comprise interest groups carrying out activities in watershed and therefore influencing water supply, farmers, foresters, hydroenergy companies, touristic companies.


Besides cooperation with relevant governmental bodies, end users and research institutions as partners, EWSuCCI  partners will cooperate with different stakeholders in their daily work and they will apply EWSuCCI results in this way. The broad public will be addressed by EWSuCCI  dissemination strategy and its tools.


 Education and Training

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