Interested in a Partnership (NGO "Konotop IT cluster")

5 years ago

NGO "Konotop IT cluster"

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Partnership advantages

Life Quality
IT industry development both of the town and the region to bring added value to socially important fields - education, law, infrastructure etc.

Social Power
Possibility to list your name into the records of Konotop history, to design IT future.

Professional Perks
Networking, communication and experience sharing with IT market leaders. Professional support of future university applicants and ability to encourage them to choose IT field. Experience sharing and events arrangements concerning projects implementation. Apply your skills as a team player.

Representatives of the partners, who has membership is Cluster, take part in the events under special terms: they either have discounts or do it for free. They have chance to promote the initiative concerning projects implementation once they are targeted IT industry development.

Membership advantages

Social Power
Possibility to design the future of the town being a member of a highly committed team, chance to list your name into Konotop historical records.

Sharing of experience, practical views and achievements with the colleagues from leading companies, collaboration to implement IT projects.

Possibility to promote your own brand via participation in a variety of events and overall support of public organisation.

Life Quality
Collaborative development of town sectors, which are socially valuable, investments attraction and working places creation.

People Assets
Our partners get an access to the data of young IT specialists as well as the information about talented people graduated from higher educational establishments.

IT Cluster members are able to negotiate with both Ukrainian and world enterprises in IT field on behalf of the organization. They can communicate with business communities and get useful information for their own development as well.

Members of the Cluster take part in a variety of events having special terms: either having discounts or for free. Under our support you increase the chances to implement your own projects successfully targeting local IT development.

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