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7 years ago

Maria Soler - Managing Director



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Dear Sir/Madam 

My name is Maria Soler and I am designer and co-owner of SolerBags company, a family Spanish company founded in 1880 specializes in designing manufacturing and exporting bags accesories and convers in different fields; such as

1).- FASHION ,(we have our own ecological brand of accesories in the market, MARIA SOLER, Shops with SOUL)

2).-Miltary-defense (we design and develop sopecial water prove rug-bags for international procurement.

3).-Aerospace-automotive; we design,develop and manufacture ergonomic leather seat for helicopter. Also cover for helicopter´s wing for civil aviation.

4).- We design and manufacture covers for robotica and other small technologies like tablets, phones, etc.

5).- We protect and stand up the MADE IN SPAIN design and manufacturing.

We have a great expertice in product development and MADE IN SPAIN production int he field of textile materials.

We deal with any type of textile material existing in market . We work with the latest technologies for textiles treatment in market. We have our own laboratory.

Kind regards from Spain.


(Creative director)


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