Healing Himalayas

3 years ago

subash sharma



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Looking for Lead Partner

Healing Himalayans is a project that focused on traditional practices to cure the disease and returning to their own  natural ways , locally available herbs, meditative plants and mediation techniques  which has been used to heal  in ancient time  here in Himalayans.

while working in the rural areas got knowledge   and vibes for development as a tourism place as Introducing BACK TO NATURE   at the time of AI on It.

While giant companies gearing up race and  rage towards money through AI(Artificial Intelligence ), I started to reverse, back to  the core back to the reality and reality is ultimately death , Before the  death you need to live your life,

We have the opportunity but lacking in terms of finance doesn't let it go, So I am searching for a investor as well as partner and promoter in here Nepal.

 That’s why we can introduce more traditional healing practices through research and study

 Low-Carbon Economy
 Sustainable Tourism

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