Funding Local fabrication of Solar ovens and solar induction cook-stoves

2 years ago

Rural World Resources international (RWRI)

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Justification of the project a) The project lies within a conflict-prone area namely the North-West Region where the dual crises of armed conflict and Covid-19 have led to shortages of food and cooking fuels; b) Cooking with fuels increases vulnerability to respiratory and COVID-19 infection; c) Perpetual social distancing in the region has severely diminished the economy and livelihoods;
d) The expanded population of Bamenda City creates high levels of COVID-19 vulnerability;
e) The conflict-ridden populations have higher levels of vulnerability and possess insufficient response and resilience resources, thus making the impact of exposure to COVD-19 more fatal;
f) Refugees and internally displaced persons are usually crowded in urban homes with inadequate access to income and sanitation, thus at high risk of malnutrition and COVID-19 infection;
g) Providing emergency solutions for clean cooking while reducing household air pollution is not only critical to saving lives, but also to promoting resilience and recovery.
Innovative character of the project
a. Elimination of cooking fuels for households, catering industries and bakeries, through the use of solar heat by easy to construct metallic parabolic troughs;
b. This technology will be used for the first time to tackle the problems caused by armed conflict and a global pandemic;
c. Local technology, materials and human resources, instead of costly imported high-tech, will be used to enhance livelihoods, especially for women in a dual crisis situation
d. The project has the capacity to sustain itself, self-propagate and generate income for expansion after an initial funding process.

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Technology Transfer
 Capacity Building
 Low-Carbon Technology
 Energy Efficiency
 Renewable Energy
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