Development and Application of Bioinsecticides based on Entomopathogenic Fungi

Created on 10 Dec 2018

Laboratory of Crop Protection_TEI of Thessaly



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Biocontrol is one of the most effective alternatives for the reduction of chemical pesticides. Insect Myco-biocontrol is the use of entomopathogenic fungi (EPF) in biological processes to lower pest population density and consequently crop damage. There are approximately 750 EPF species that cause infection in insects and mites. Optimization of biological control methods is essential for their practical implementation. In order to achieve that goal detailed studies on their effectiveness, mass production, formulation and application methods should be carried out. The proposed project aims to : enhance the use of EPF as biocontrol agents, record and identify many EPF collected throughout the world, evaluate their insecticidal action, develop protocols for mass conidia production, improve their virulence through formulation, evaluate their efficiency under real conditions, explore their role as plant growth promoters and endophytes. There is increasing evidence that EPF have great potential for control of insect pests in various agricultural habitats. The proposed project aims to enhance the practical use of EPFs in the frames of IPM in crop protection.

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