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: Oct 24, 2018

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The Laboratory of Crop Protection belongs to the Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology of University of Thessaly. We are a public educational and research lab specializing on many apsects of Crop Protection. Our main objects are the study of morphology, biology, ecology and control of the most deastructive animal species (insects, mites, nematodes etc.) and microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses etc .) that affect crop plants and food and cause qualitative and quantitative losses in crop production. Among the research objects that the laboratory dealt with, in recent years, emphasis has been placed on the application of biocontrol methods as IPM tool. In its new and modern facilities (the lab has been relocated to a new building since 2017) there exist all the necessary equipment and the infrastructure that will be required for the implementation of the crop protection project. Among other things, i) research rooms (rooms equipped with modern research stereoscopes and microscopes with computer-mounted camera, autonomous workplaces, lab microtools, consumables etc) in which 3-5 researchers can work simultaneously (ii) an insectary (a room with controlled temperature and humidity where dozens of different insect species are reared), (iii) scientific instruments and equipment sufficient for all entomological research work (controlled temperature chambers, heated magnetic stirrers, precision electronic scales, professional digital camera and macroscopic table, etc.). (iv) equipment and other tools for fungi collection, classic and molecular identification and mass culture (laminar flow cabinet, fungi culture cabinets, PCR, NIR etc). Apart from that, all staff members have long experience in practical field experiments for basic and applied entomological research (monitoring insect pests, evaluation of control treatments etc).

We believe we can serve as partners in projects related with Integrated Pest and Disease Management.

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