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ELAT - Eindhoven, Leuven, Aachen Technology Triangle (ELAT)

Start date: May 2, 2001, End date: Jun 29, 2008,

The Eindhoven, Leuven, Aachen Technology Triangle (ELAT) stands between three of NW Europe’s most important centres of population and economic activity: the Flemish urban network, the Ruhr valley and the Dutch Randstad. Stimulating innovation via trans-national co-operation across this area is therefore important for improving NW Europe’s wider competitiveness. The main objective of 3.9M euro ELAT ...
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Connected Cities (CC)

Start date: Jun 30, 2005, End date: Dec 30, 2007,

...bility and urban/regional development in the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, UK and France: 1) Transport Development in Zuid-Holland (Stedenbaan), 2) a sustainable connections within the Eindhoven, Leuven, Aachen Triangle, 3) para-transit in Philippi providing mobility in remote areas, 4) the Dipole Volos-Larissa in Thessaly aimed at building a new urban system in Thessaly, 5) Harbour ...
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Start date: Nov 30, 2003, End date: Sep 29, 2007,

Many public services suffer low take-up, particularly by those with special needs or living in rural areas, because they are deployed with an eye to efficiency rather than users’ needs. The objective of the four year Citizens First project is to redress this trend by exploring the opportunities ICT offers to put citizens at the centre of service provision. Citizens First seeks to achieve this goal ...
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