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Rock Art Bridge

Start date: Feb 15, 2013, End date: Nov 14, 2014,

Objective of the projectThe objective of the project was the development of the Rock Art Ring as the common cultural platform of stone annals heritage for promoting and strengthening cultural connections between northern people, and creating synergic ethnic-cultural resource.Main activities• Site improvements in Zalavruga petroglyphs area.• Creating design specifications and estimates for the majo ...
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Creation of Products Based on photographing and watching the nature

Start date: Feb 28, 2003, End date: Jan 30, 2005,

Previously, available products for nature enthusiasts mainly included products associated with viewing bears. In addition to viewing bears, customers have also wished to see other nature attractions. Th e purpose of the project was to train entrepreneurs, people intending to become entrepreneurs, and the guides that would work for them in order to create products based on photographing and watchin ...
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