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Creation of Products Based on photographing and watching the nature
Start date: Feb 28, 2003, End date: Jan 30, 2005 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Previously, available products for nature enthusiasts mainly included products associated with viewing bears. In addition to viewing bears, customers have also wished to see other nature attractions. Th e purpose of the project was to train entrepreneurs, people intending to become entrepreneurs, and the guides that would work for them in order to create products based on photographing and watching nature. A central measure in the project was to create programme service products, which would increase business activities across the border through observing and photographing nature. A goal was to create a programme service entity for the Karelia area across the border, where the service quality and physical conditions would meet the expectations and needs of future customers. In order to achieve the same operational level in all regards, the intention was also to invest in the development of products and equipment in Finland. In addition, a goal was to utilise shared sustainable environmental principles. Achievements: The project was implemented at the right time, as interest for this type of tourism product had increased signifi cantly since the planning phase of the project. As a result, there were more willing participants than originally planned. There was also more extensive interest in the project, due to its international aspect and the new type of nature product creation. The participating companies developed and began marketing different types of new nature products already during the project. In addition, a few completely new companies were established during the project. Productive cooperation was started between the companies and several cooperation agreements were made. As a result, nature-related programmes to Russia as well were implemented in cooperation with a Russian travel agent. Marketing cooperation was initiated with the Finnish Tourist Board (MEK) for nature photographing and viewing products. AWildlife in Finland brochure was successfully published by MEK as the first action of the cooperation effort. The product was responsible for launching the Wild Taiga brand, which has proven successful. It was awarded recognition as Finlandâs Emerging Tourist Destination of 2008 that utilises local culture and life, in the Destination of Excellence in Finland competition. The tourism products related to photographing and viewing nature have become one of the top attractions in Kainuu, which is partially also a result of this project. Consumer Agency instructions regarding safety regulations to be adhered to in programme service companies became effective in 2003. In fact, issues and different types of situations related to safety, which should be considered by nature tourism entrepreneurs, were included in the project. Consequently, safety training was provided to entrepreneurs together with another project. Similarly, the need for instructions regarding the carcasses used at the photography sites also became apparent during the project. Identifying issues that should be considered in the instructions from the perspective of the entrepreneur was part of this project. The project also had impact on different types of plans, such as the wolf and bear management plans by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the nature tourism pilot plan by the Regional Council of Kainuu. Additional information: .

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  • 2000 - 2006 Euregio - Karelia  (FI-RU)
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